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Nestled between popular 5 Points and Shelby Bottom Park, East Greenway Park is an extension of the peaceful Rosebank Neighborhood. The Rosebank Neighborhood is filled with creative and happy families who love their neighborhood. Only 5 miles from downtown Nashville, this peaceful area borders 960 acres of Greenway and Park that run along the Cumberland river.


East Greenway Park offers high-end finishes, state-of-the-art architecture, and incredible amenity space with a range of pricing and square footage available.

<a href=2818 Eastland Avenue, Lot 5" title="2818 Eastland Avenue, Lot 5">

2818 Eastland Avenue, Lot 5

3 Bedroom/3.5 Baths
<a href=3420 Shelby Bottoms Bend, Lot 44" title="3420 Shelby Bottoms Bend, Lot 44">
<a href=3416 Shelby Bottoms Bend, Lot 46" title="3416 Shelby Bottoms Bend, Lot 46">
<a href=3412 Shelby Bottoms Bend, Lot 48 " title="3412 Shelby Bottoms Bend, Lot 48 ">
<a href=3410 Shelby Bottoms Bend, Lot 49" title="3410 Shelby Bottoms Bend, Lot 49">
<a href=3408 Shelby Bottoms Bend, Lot 50" title="3408 Shelby Bottoms Bend, Lot 50">
<a href=3404 Forest Wander Way, Lot 52" title="3404 Forest Wander Way, Lot 52">
<a href=3014 Forest Wander Way, Lot 57" title="3014 Forest Wander Way, Lot 57">
<a href=3008 Forest Wander Way, Lot 60" title="3008 Forest Wander Way, Lot 60">


East Greenway Park is Nashville’s first health and wellness cottage community connected to the city’s greatest assets: Shelby Bottoms Park and Music City Bikeway. With a 41% tree save, sidewalks throughout, community gardens, fire pits and seating, outdoor gym on the fitness trail, park-style grills, picnic tables, dog wash stand, and access to the greenway, the community makes it easy to stay active and connected to nature.

Bike Racks
With bike racks situated throughout the community, East Greenway Park makes it easy to stay active and connected with nature. Ride your back to nearby Shelby Bottoms Greenway or take a scenic sunset stroll at dusk.
Community Areas
Area firepits and picnic tables allow EGP residents to entertain year-round. Invite friends over to sip cocktails around a cozy fire or host a summer picnic for friends and family.
Outdoor Fitness
East Greenway Park’s outdoor fit trail has all the equipment you need for a complete workout. Jog along the running trail then stop at the exercise stations along the way for a total workout.
Pet Friendly
Your pets will love East Greenway Park as much as you do. Take an afternoon walk around the neighborhood with your furry friend or let him play with other pups in the dog park.

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